Houses Of Stalhdrache

Duchy of Stalhdrache

House Dragon's BladeHouse Stone Dragon
1) Lady Halyna Tulloch1) Lord Sir Teunis Atterdag
2) Lydus Roldan2) Steward Squire Song Jain Feng
3) Sir Christoph Vuhselin3) Sir Ulric Sturmere
4) Sir William Black4) Don Santo d'Este
5) Sir Rafael Andres5) HG Michael Kleine Schmied
6) Victor Blitzshlag6) Elysse Jaegerkin
7) Morrighan O'Faolain7) Ruen Burke
8) Anastasia Buutaar8) Meow Mondschein
9) Wulfgar9) Squire Lothar von Helbrungen
10) Balthesar Schmidt10) Friar Francis
11) Prin Gracia Fairamay11) Lilith Williams
12) 12) Ludwig Ebert von Beyern
13) 13) Brunhild Ebert von Beyern
14) 14) Johannes Ebert von Beyern

House Dragon's Blade

House Dragons Blade was the First House to appear in lands of Stahldrache. House itself has undergone many changes snice it formation 4 years ago.The house itself has always been guided by the motto "By strength of arms, we Defend. By strength of charity, we Help. By strength of heart, we Heal." and as such is reflected By the Strength of the leaders of this house The first leader of the noble house was Sir Christoph Vuhselin and his reign as Lord was by far the longest, and bloodiest. The house started out as a combat house laying waste to all but the knights of the kingdom on many battlefeilds. But alas Sir Christoph gave up his title of lord to become the leader of the territory, appointing Sir William Black has his replacement. In the Reign of Sir William the house focus changed from being a Combat House to become leaders of the newcomers of Stahldrache. It also saw the biggest increase in members to the House almost doubling its size. Shortly after his big success Sir William left to explore distant lands appointing Halyna Tulloch to as Lady of House. Halyna's Reign as Lady has been marked with Mystery as she is the first Non-knight to lead the house. Her wisdom and patience, may calm the tension with the rival house Stone Dragon leading Stalhdrache into a golden age of peace and growth unseen before in these lands.

House Stone Dragon

The story of House Stone Dragon is one of true spirit. We began as House Argent Cross thanks to and lead by Sir Ulric Sturmere. Along the road we had a few changes and became what is now known as House Stone Dragon lead by Thane Sir Teunis Atterdag and Steward Squire Song Jain Feng. We are a house of open minds and hearts. We dont have a focus on any certain area. We love combat, arts, as well as ministry. We have Germans, Irish, a Dane, an Italian, Some even from the Eastern lands. We are a peaceful bunch with a few that have passion when called to arms. We all have the same passions and want to enjoy ourselves amongst our house family as well as the rest of the empire. For Honor and Chivalry and the Empire!